Watching Sesame Street Again for the First Time

Being a new father… hell, even that statement feels odd still to type that, but I do have to say how much I love watching the excited on my daughter’s face, even at 3 months old, from Sesame Street. Totally rediscovered this for the first time in decades and the show has totally reinvented itself. Totally entertaining for the kids and the parents that sit through it for the full hour. They’ve taken cues to leverage celebrity appearances like Yo Gabba Gabba and mixing up the shorts into a variety of mediums (3D animation, 2D, illustration, video, etc.)

I wanted to share this great clip featuring one of my favorite comedians, Ricky Gervais. I’m amazed at the flack regarding the “Celebrity Lullaby” song, but I think it’s awesome. Yeah, why not point out there are celebrities on this show? It’s what keeps parents tuned in with the kids rather than plopping them down and walking away.

It proves why Sesame Street is such a great show. They’ve adapted to the times and needs of parents and kids. This clip is brilliant. But check out the insane comments on YouTube. Adults breaking down to f-bombs between each other.

Anyway, happy new year to everyone. It feels like it’s been 3 years packed into one, but the third act at the end of this year brought us our daughter, and I’m forever grateful for that. Here’s to 2010 and maybe more time to blog. I doubt it… but whatevs.

Cinematic Online Experiences – 2012 and District 9

Happy 9-9-09! No need to talk about Beatles Rock Band or other wacky product launches… or movie launches!

So… I came across another fake PSA and I had to start rambling about how much I love this…

The growing trend for big blockbuster movies is to engage it’s fans months and months before a films release. Build up the hype online for a fraction of the cost during a week of filming, right? Even the dollar amount for the execution is just a fraction of the media buy for the commercials and trailers.

At first I was extremely impressed with the District 9 and the various sites in it’s world… I mean there was a political cause at hand… Humans vs. the Non-Humans. Which side are you on and where do you make your stand. Explore the fictional world… what’s the controversy of their occupation (or are we keeping them here, etc.)

I dream of working on programs that go this deep… that take the narrative beyond the movie. Sort of between the pages of the script so you have this backstory that goes deeper. Heroes has been quite successful in the past 2 years doing this with the TV medium… but to see in spike so quickly and disappear online for movies, just blows me away. It’s like plotting an elaborate story for people to discover hidden nuggets. Not really an ARG… I don’t know what to call it. Online Narrative Immersion? Is that catchy?

And why not another fake PSA for ya?

District 9 Sites:

Holy crap! That’s a ton of content. It’s beautiful, trippy, and keeps you snooping around for more and more.

Then I saw the sites for the new film 2012… and was simply blown away by the details of its online universe. First thing, The Institute for Human Continuity. Just as much info as a real .GOV website.

It goes even further… They have a twitter page with a sweepstakes for fanboys that caught on early… but then it plays the other side just like District 9 with the counter-blog called This Is The End. Of course, the hero of the movie has his own site for his upcoming book, which, by the way, predicted this whole 2012 crap: Farewell Atlantis.

Explore the sites… see the movies. The trend will continue to grow. Some do it better than others. (For instance, Gamer has a bunch of random sites…. Dancing ARG Girls from Society which is kind of quick buzz generator, but then it stops there.)

Some cinematic experiences won’t have sequels, but hope to hook fans before the movie is in the can. I think if you’re pursuing the right audience, they’ll play along because they (we) hunger for unique content. We want to play along in the story, no matter how crazy it may be.

Mad Men SNL Pitch Meeting

No real commentary again… just wanted to share this clip from the John Hamm Saturday Night Live episode last season. The Two Assholes Pitch meeting… not like we haven’t had to deal with the prospect clients that make us jump through hoops to catch their eye and nothing ever comes from it. Not saying this reflects real life, but… well, I’ve definitely had mouth-dropping moments when the client says some shit that you never expected.

Cheers to everyone this Sunday…

Paifully Awkward Grocery Broker Video

I think that’s the best way to describe this thing. Probably produced during the Super Bowl Shuffle hype… even that thing was bad. But this is even worse. I can’t sit through this in one sitting, so I’m posting it here so I can return to it when I need a boost to my self-esteem.

I found this after bouncing between deal mall blogs and economic blogs. Do we need grocery middlemen/women… do they still exist?

I think all sports teams need an awkward theme song for every championship season.

Recession Proof Music Purchasing from Zune

Well, maybe not recession proof, but I love this site You have to check out the Zune Pass microsite from Microsoft. Wes Moss makes a good case for the subscription model, especially since I have no free cash to buy music anymore. Too bad I don’t own a PC. Probably the one set back I can see right now to my Mac.

I worked on a promotional website for another financial institution a while back and wanted to do something very similar to this. The chips didn’t fall in our favor and we went another route… but I’m glad someone slapped this crap together. It seems really cliche, but I think it works. People get this sort of thing: Basic economics of saving… a smart dude telling you how much you can save with clean design and simple comparisons. I love this and wanted to share. The banner ad took me from to the microsite and I wanted to subscribe… yet, can’t. Brilliant.

This is also a reason why I don’t like iTunes… if I’m going to pay that much, might as well buy the CD and have copies in multiple places. And even though iTunes now has DRM free music, it still still irks me to download music from them unless I’m desperate to hear some random Jesus Jones track. Remember them? Eh?

Knickerbocker Please! Old School Viral Clips…

Well, not really vintage… and not really viral… but I remember back when Ran and I would laugh hysterically because of these clips. I don’t know why I loved them so much, but after all these years, they still resonate and I still dust off quotes from them.

This clip dates back to the late 90s… pre-YouTube. Ha. I do love the fact that I can find almost anything on YouTube. I give you the 1988 Dodge Aries For Sale:

And then there’s this one. This is a series of spots for Fox Sports Network that were run around 2002 I think.

Alan and Jerome, you are a delight…

Okay… back to extreme house cleaning.

Truth in Viral Posts

Trust in Advertising and Marketing… viral pull can be dangerous… apologies to Frank and team.

Now I can see why it needed to be pulled down. Might not have been as good as some of the other parody stuff we’ve seen before like the “Truth in Advertising” series. First picked up on this at AdRants but the video was pulled. Still, a funny write up on it… wroth a read:

We all know clients can be abusive assholes but a good agency knows how to deal with difficult clients. It doesn’t curl up in the fetal position. It doesn’t bend over and say pack my fudge. And it doesn’t create some whiny-ass “disease” so pansies without a backbone can blame a medical issue for their lack of client management skills.

Passion Pictures – Beatles Rock Band Opening Sequence

If you haven’t seen the work of Passion Pictures, you should totally take a look at their site. Located in the UK, they’ve been a part of some amazing campaigns… and I recently discovered that they’re the ones that put together the opening sequence for the new Beatles Rock Band game coming out this September. Yeah… 09.09.09.

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9… I wonder if they put this off just so they could land that date. Watch it now:

Star Wars – The Old Republic Cinematic

With the last CG Star Wars film and the onslaught of spin-off games and novels, it all tends to become a big blur. I mean, it’s gorgeous, but I don’t think it’s written well. The last thing I was really happy with was the cartoon series on Cartoon Network. Remember that?

I can’t keep up on the damn books nor do I have time to look at the games. However, this did catch my eye. I really wanted to see a whole film, not play the game. I mean, the game will be cool, but the comments sum it up from Topless Robot: “Stand back Hollywood and let the makers of video games show you how it’s done.” Powerful words as you look at the revue generated by games compared to films.


Stupid Spam Comments… Upgrade to Wordpress 2.8

Well, don’t know if you stop by this site, but it was broken for the last couple of weeks. Haven’t had much time to maintain things, but I discovered that the SPAM comments broke the site somehow. It was quickly fixed with a new install of the akismet plugin and putting the API key in again. In addition, I found this “Did You Pass Math?” anti-spam comment plugin that I thought was groovy.

On top of all that, I upgraded to version 2.8. Haven’t really gotten into customizing the layout and widgets, but it seems pretty groovy. Check it out:

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